Turun yliopiston tieteiskulttuurikabinetti

The Science Fiction Culture Cabinet at The University of Turku


Turun yliopiston tieteiskulttuurikabinetti, Tutka ("Radar") for short, is the Turku university's science fiction and fantasy club, founded in 1995. It is an affiliate of The Student Union of the University of Turku and therefore its primary target group are the students of Turku university. However, everyone interested in science fiction or fantasy is more than welcomed to join.

Shadow mafia

Tutka’s goal is to offer its members a chance to meet people with shared interests. Currently one of its most essential activities is “Varjomafia” (“Shadow mafia”), a weekly meeting of sf/f fans. The name is derived from “official” mafia, a pub meeting for sf/f fans in Turku, which takes place first friday of every month.

The Shadow mafia is arranged every thursday and it takes place at Tutka’s office “Terrakoti” (see below) from 5 PM. The idea of Shadow mafia is the same as the official one, to offer a chance for people to discuss about science fiction and fantasy, let it be literature, movies or comics.

Tutka also arranges movie and TV series screenings at Terrakoti. In 2019 it completed its ten year journey with Doctor in his TARDIS, which means there is now time in the calendar for new shenanigans. Tutka also arranges classic genre movie nights under the title "Varjisleffa" once a month. See calendar at the front page for more information.

NB! Due to the pandemic, most of our activities take place on our Discord server at the moment.


Terrakoti open hours

Terrakoti is an office which Tutka shares with five other societies, Turku Science Fiction Society (TSFS), Turku University's Role and Strategy Playing Society (Tyrmä), Turku Anime and Manga Society Senpai, Academic Nintendo Club (ANC) and Tutka's Swedish-Speaking counterpart, Föreningen för underliga intressen vid Åbo Akademi (FUI).

Terrakoti is located at Student house B, Rehtorinpellonkatu 4–6 (first floor, at the far-left end of the hallway).

On Terrakoti you can find TSFS's and Tutka's rather extensive sf/f library, as well as several foreign and Finnish sf/f magazines and zines. Visitors are more than welcome, either to read sf/f magazines and books or discuss with other fans.


How to join?

Tutka’s membership fee is five euros. (We're cheap.) You can pay it for example at Shadow mafia or during Terrakoti's open hours.


How to reach us?

E-mail: kabinetti@lists.utu.fi

Chairperson Johanna Junnila, tel. +358 40 7636137

Postal address:

Tutka ry.
c/o Terrakoti
Yo-talo B
Rehtorinpellonkatu 4-6
20500 Turku

You can join our mailing list is you so wish. We're also on Facebook and Instagram.